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Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent Customer Portal

Welcome to the Rain for Rent Customer Portal. If you already have a UserName and Password, please login.

What is the Customer Portal?

Rain for Rent has provided the Customer portal as a conduit for our customers to view their accounts online.


  • Secure connection, none of your information is vulnerable.
  • See what equipment you currently have on rent
  • Check the status of Contracts and individual invoices
  • Print a contract or invoice

Who can access the Portal?

Rain for Rent customers only. You can request access by typing "new" in the User Name field, provide the information requested and you will be contacted with your login and password for access. Before requesting access, do you meet the Customer Criteria below?

Customer Criteria

  1. You must be an active customer
  2. You must accept our Terms of Use
  3. You must provide sufficient information for us to be able to contact and verify your access to accounts

Customer Portal Login

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